Thinking of You

Hiya, folks! Sorry today’s a later than usual post. It’s just been one of those Saturdays! LOL. Despite the day, I bring you a thoughtful “Thinking of You” card. The ‘for no reason’ or ‘just because’ type of card. My favorite!

I hope you enjoy the simplicity of this card. I love the look of white embossing on thick velum ❤

Thinking of You

Inside view   Large button

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Toshie says:

    Awe, I’m always thinking of you too! Beautiful.

    1. Lucy says:

      That’s cuz you’re my stalker and that’s just what stalkers do. But thanks anyway pffft … jk LMAO 😛 I lurrrve you Tosh! ❤ btw, thanks for visiting my blog. Come back on Wednesday for another new post!!!

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