Babyshower Guestbook

Hola amigos!!! I hope your week is amazing so far.

Today I bring you an awesome babyshower guestbook! The book fit 50 guest signatures and well wishes. These pictures look very 2D, but almost every embellishment popped of the page. The book was thick from all the embellishments. BTW, sorry if some pictures are blurry (they were taken long before I thought of putting them on a blog lol). This was for my best friend’s sister and she had a beautiful baby girl 🙂

Enjoy friends!!! And remember, ideas like these preserve gorgeous memories of your children and important milestones.

Babyshower guestbook

Front Cover Shaker boxes Front Inside Cover (actual invitation) Back Inside Cover Back Outside Cover (old blog signature)

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  1. Toshie says:

    OMG!!! I am in love with this. I remember seeing these pictures before and being jealous that no one ever made me one of these! If I have that baby #4, you already know!!!

    1. Lucy says:

      This was the third of four books that I’ve made, I’m sure I showed you all the pictures before … I got you Toshi-Woshi!!! I’ll start working on your book right away, so start working on the baby 😉

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