Paper Flower Corner Set

My dearest friends! I haven’t abandoned you 😩  I’ve been caught up in the logistics and techy stuff in switching to my new name. Thank you everyone for being so patient while I get that all straightened out. Thankfully everything is all set 🙏 To get us back on track I wanted to share this…

Paper Flower Unicorn Display

It’s the middle of the week guys! We’re almost there ✊ I’m beyond excited to share this display with you all. It’s a unicorn!!! These unicorn theme is increasingly popular, so I was very happy to finally receive a special order from another local vendor. All visible pieces, except the eyelashes, are adhered to a…

Large Baptism Paper Flowers

My crafty friends!!! 🙌 If you follow my FB page then you’ve already seen this gorgeous set of paper flowers that stood in the center of a baptism reception. Please visit and LIKE my page to receive project updates! This set was done in the same fashion as my previous displays. However, I started cutting the…

Pink, White, Gray Paper Flowers

My original paper flower layout was pink, white, and gold. This is the same layout with gray! I LOVE IT 💜 The different types of flowers and petal sizes absolutely work together. This was for a baby shower. Please LIKE and SHARE this blog post!

Paper Rose Table Backdrop

Roses are an elegant flower. Even more so when they’re LARGE paper flowers behind a dessert table! I loved making this gorgeous paper flower set. I hope you enjoyed this share. Thank you, friends! Please don’t forget to like and share this post. Join my Facebook Page over on the right column →