Large Paper Flowers

Hello friends! I made these gorgeous giant paper flowers to adorn a dessert table at a sweet 16 party. They are all flat-back flowers hot glued onto a worn fence for that country feel ❤️ enjoy the video, folks! Love and miss you guys 💋

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  1. Deborah Crow says:

    Sesi’s Sweet 16 flowers

  2. Deborah Crow says:

    Do I order flowers like this from you?
    Or a template with DIY instructions
    Thank you

    1. Lucy says:

      Hi Deborah! Thank you for commenting ❤ unfortunately, I don’t sell any items online. I post as an informational resource. Definitely check out and type “paper flower templates” in the search bar. They have amazing PDF, SVG, and physical precut templates.
      Happy crafting! 😁

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