Rebrand Launch!

AnnouncementMy sweetest friends! I have amazing news. Since 2013 I’ve blogged as “My Creative State of Mind”. I was never fully vested into that name, but it served me very well. Here I am in 2018 announcing my rebrand launch and debuting my new logo as:

MoonChin - OpaqueThe original logo was hand drawn by a local artist friend ❤

The name comes from my husband. Since our early dating stage he’s referred to my actual chin as a “moon chin”. It’s got a Jay Leno thing going on … Yes, we’re still married LOL 😆 it’s become a term of endearment. So when I was brainstorming for a brand name I needed something that resonated with me and my personality.

Thank you everyone that has stuck it with me. I’m excited to post my same crafty projects, just under an updated brand name. All of my social media links have been updated.

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